HYPER_IMAGE_SCAPE: Boogie Woogie Art Museum

芸術、デザイン、メターバース、映画など各分野で活躍する、インディペンデント・プランナーたちが企画したグループ展がウルサン美術館で開催されます。アジアの現代写真・イメージ文化にフォーカスした特集を組んでいる、韓国の写真雑誌「CHALKAK Magazine」のキュレーションで参加します。

会場: 蔚山(ウルサン)市立美術館、韓国
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Semi Art Community Project: Boo Gie Woo Gie Art Museum

Cobayashi participates in a group exhibition curated by Korean photography magazine “CHALKAK”.  

What is the ‘photos, images’ today? The beginning of photography was a medium for “recording,” but today’s photography is a “means of expression” and a “tool of amusement.” Image, who are the people creating the new trend when the axis moves from the “era of quality” to the “era of quantity”. What kind of culture were they born in, what kind of future or what kind of today are they living in?
Today’s photographs and images are chasing extreme mise en scène based on the quantitative energy of the overflowing images. Growing up with multiculturalism since born in 1990-2000, they are fully embodying the digital platform ecosystem and pouring out images and images optimized for the media environment. This is what gets the spotlight on the current generation and the current world, which are accustomed to synesthesia and multi-sensitivity. The world they show is not an extension of the past historical classification or genealogy, but images that will ask a new question that can take a step further from the past question of “What is photography?” 

Dates:8 June (Tr.)  - 3 September (Sun.), 2023  
Venue:Ulsan Museum of Art, Korea
*English only

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