Tokyo Débris

I looked out over Tokyo from the rooftop of Scramble Square and saw countless small pieces of debris that seemed to flicker in the evening sun. We live reluctantly among these concrete buildings that extend upwards with no apparent order.

What can photography do to this spectacle below — the interweaving of these controlled elements and that which spills out from them? Tokyo is full of debris. Redevelopment, social media, a saturation of images, neuroses, data supremacy, NFTs… Hollow eyes, devoid of passion, persistently chase what is displayed on smartphones.

Repressed life, confessions experienced through a mask, flash between these scattered fragments of Tokyo débris.

If we aspire to become like the nameless birds that turn themselves around and fly, and envy the beasts that run across the earth on all fours, we too can burn this blood. Let us step on these corpses tainted by Mammon and half-hearted kindness, let us fall in love, drink and dance dirty.Once we let go of the reins of emotion, we will never be the same again. This is what the adults you see are really like. I’m sure I’m half a corpse, too.

So take that leap.

With Tokyo Débris as your stage set, the diffuse light of the LEDs and the radiant glow of the sun in the background, light up your body with a true sense of being alive.









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